Sunday, April 28, 2013

A brief update, and an introduction

Things have been pretty crazy at Biomarkers&Milk. We were awarded a grant earlier this month (woohoo!!!!) and will be leaving for the field TOMORROW. Part 5 of the "who manages the mammaries" is not yet done. I will try and post it tomorrow or while traveling if I can. There will be no updates from me for May or June, but Biomarkers&Milk will not be silent: WE WILL HAVE A GUEST BLOGGER!
Figure 1: Nubri Valley, Nepal. While I am here, Sarah will be "here". Photo by Geoff Childs,

Sarah Sobonya, one of the graduate students I have had the privilege of working with over the past year, will be guest blogging for May and June. Sarah is a cultural anthropologist who studies breastfeeding and maternal decision making and is currently doing her dissertation work. Her posts will focus less on biology and more on social and societal issues, and we are very excited about this new expansion. And in July, we'll be back with a research update, some pretty pictures, and more science. I have a stack of topics for the summer and full. In the mean time, everyone have a great summer and keep coming out to see Sarah's stuff.


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